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Parscription Golf of Bend’s full service Repair Center is outfitted with the latest equipment to repair or optimize your present clubs for best performance. Our certified technicians will provide you with prompt, efficient and courteous service.

Repair Center Services:

  • Installing & Sizing Grips
  • Lengthening & Shortening Clubs and Putters
  • Loft, Lie, & Face Angle Adjustments
  • Golf Shaft Measuring
  • Measuring Bounce Angles and Bounce Widths
  • Graphite Shaft and/or Broken Shaft Removal
  • Complete Shaft Preparation and Installation
  • Shafting Standard-hosel & Bore-through Heads
  • Swing Weighting Optimization for Irons & Woods
  • Ferrule Installation
  • Hosel Boring

Why should you have your clubs custom fit? If you have never had your clubs tested at a testing center, then you have probably never been properly fit for golf equipment. We take great pride in our ability to make sure you have the proper weight shaft, length, flex, and correct club head. There are no two people built the same, making us all different and unique in our own way, all with different golf swings. While club head speed is an important variable in the fitting process, we need to know how you generate your club head speed. Because we all generate these speeds in different ways there will be a different weight, flex, and shaft length that will maximize distance and accuracy for every golfer.

Parscription Golf of Bend offers private lessons with our PGA Certified instructor by appointment. We also offer occassional group golf lessons in our state of the art ‘About Golf’ simulator. All ability levels, from beginners to professionals, will benefit from instruction by our friendly and experienced teaching professionals. These lessons are based on fundamentals such as grip, posture, and ball position, along with high tech simulator analysis.

Contact us at (541) 593-4653 for an appointment.

Unsure what club(s) or brand to buy? We have a large selection of Men’s and Women’s Clubs that you are welcome to “Check Out” at your favorite course in town. Try as many as you like until you find the right club for you! There is a nominal Demo charge for your selection that is refundable at time of purchase.

Trade-Ins – Is it time to upgrade your clubs? Parscription Golf of Bend offers competitive prices on your used clubs. You can trade-in your old clubs for store credit towards new ones. Let us upgrade you!

If you are organizing a local golf tournament, any of our sales associates can help you with your purchases. Discounts may apply so stop by today. Have your company logo or your name put on a golf ball! Minimums and service charges may apply.